During my business trips across Europe I try to have at least a small camera with my and ready to shot at any time. Some moments simply tell their own tales…

In the old town of Warszaw, 2009In der AltstadtCanon EOS 350D, 17-40 L, F4, 1/10, ISO 400

Somewhere in Paris, 2011Am MesseeingangCanon EOS 7D, 70-200 L IS, F5,6, 1/45 Sek, ISO 200

On the banks of Danubia, Budapest 2007On the banks of Danubia Canon EOS 7D, 70-200 L IS, F5,6, 1/45 Sek, ISO 200


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland, I upload some impressions of my 2008 trip. Can’t repeat often enough that any young German shall visit the two sites in Auschwitz and Birkenau to maybe get at least the spark of an idea what horror crimes had been commited here…

EntranceEingangBarbwire fences over kilometers GrenzanlageWatch the watchtower from the housing blocksWachturmIn the blocks In den BlöckenMarks of the Holocaust remain highly visibleAusstellung 1Clear to understand Ohne Worte Countless piles of individually named luggage…Koffer der Deportierten...…and shoes of victims....und Berge von Schuhen.In a “living room”LagerstubeApproaching BirkenauBahnzufahrt nach Birkenau“Beds” in the barracksBarackenpritschenMore barbed wire fencesosw_14View to no returnAusblick ohne AuswegNever forget!Niemals vergessen!


A wonderful paradise, also for black and white photography.

Impressions from a 2006 tour. All photos taken by Canon EOS and EF lenses.

Im TempelWhite chedis from countless buddhist temples you see across the country

FischerbootStrange fisherman’s boat at Negombo beach.

Auf Colombos StraßenMajor world religions meet in the streets of Colombo.

In der Buddha-HöhleIn a cave near Kandi, Buddha statue carved out of stone

Im Zug durchs LandCrosscountry and through the hills, you better take the train to get more impressions.

Unterstand für TeepflückerAt tropical thunders not a real good shelter for tea pluckers.

Strand in infrarotIn infra-red or real colors, there is good time at Sri Lanka’s beaches.


Some moments from my Cuba trips 2003 and 2005

baseball_sw Baseball stadium: Vamos Havana Industriales! bootstuer_swCross Havana’s harbour heading for the beaches at Playas del Este.capitolio_swIn front of Havana’s Capitol, Oldtimers everywherechicas_swNo tradition, just show for paying tourist – a pity.daecherMonochrome Moloch – La Habana Vieja  fideltv_swThe omnipresent bearded Fidel, comandante en jefeflexing_swDo it yourself, anyhow

haustuer_swOld times cruiser, so beautiful, so morbid.lockenwickler_sw In the streets of TrinidadplazamayorPlaza Mayor, Trinidad de Cubaschienenwagen_swAlmost public transport, Santa Clara stadionstuehle_swLast fan in the stadium: heavily drunk, but not from victory’s sweetnessstrand_swVaradero Beachtransport_swIn the streets of Havana’s old townzigarrendreherin_swHand-made – original havanas, Vinales

All analogue photography, Canon EOS 1n, EF 28-105 and EF 70-200 L, Agfa APX100 und Fuji Neopan films, scaned prints


This is the first post after I sold most of my DSLR equiment and joined Fuji’s photographer community with range finder X-pro1. You can tell me whatever you want, the sharpness of these pictures is extraordinary… I love it totally.

Church enlightened, Petersberg, 2014Kirche im Licht Fuji X-Pro 1, XF 35 mm, F4, 1/60 Sek., ISO 1000, EV +0,3

Wintersun in snowy park, Berlin, 2014WinterbaumCanon EOS 1200D, EF 35, F8, 1/250 Sek. ISO 100 with new design

Dear all, in autumn 2001 I launched to share some of black and white photos. Since then different forms of presentations have been used, hard coded HTML and flash, and now it is time to update to responsive design so that is also visible on mobile devices as well as on desk top computers.

Of course, it is the idea to continue presenting black and white photography but not limited to that. From time to time some great views appear in colour, too. It always a question of each individual situation… During the next weeks some well-known motifs of mine will come back online to initiate a first exhibition. In addition, I will add results from my day-to-day photo strolls to make my regular photo blog. Overall, pictures from more than 25 years of analogue and digital photography are available.

I hope you like what you see. Feedback is always warmly welcome. Thanks!

Banks of Danubia, Budapest, 2007

Am Donau-UferEOS 500D, EF 4/70-200 IS @ 200mm, F4, ISO 100