Dear all, in autumn 2001 I launched bilderzone.de to share some of black and white photos. Since then different forms of presentations have been used, hard coded HTML and flash, and now it is time to update to responsive design so that bilderzone.de is also visible on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers.

Of course, it is the idea to continue presenting black and white photography but not limited to that. From time to time some great views appear in colour, too. It’s always a question of each individual situation… During the next months some well-known motifs of mine will come back online to initiate kind of a first exhibition. In addition, I will add results from my day-to-day photo strolls to make bilderzone.de my regular photo blog. Overall, pictures from more than 25 years of analogue and digital photography are available.

If you want to get regular updates and be kept informed, your are invited to like bilderzone.de on Facebook www.facebook.com/bilderzone

I hope you like what you see. Feedback is always warmly welcome.

Cheers, Holger

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