1 hour in the morning

It’s golden autumn time, the sky is mostly blue and the sun is low during morning hours. Perfect for a stroll around anywhere to find shadows and peak light, people and interesting structures appearing in black and white. These results happened by chance as I was on the way to work but took wrong direction and time plan. So I won an hour in the middle of Berlin called Kleist-Park and I had my Fuji set ready.

Tai Chi me, I am a tree

She was doing her morning exercise. Absolutely silent, deeply far away. She must have felt fusioned with nature and the sun.

Tai ChiFuji X-T10, XF 56, f2,0, 1/640s., ISO 200, EV +0,7

The Reader

This guys read the news for quite a while but did not move. Then surprised me with a long deep sip from the formerly invisible vodka bottle that stood aside of him. A wall-shaking burp complete the moment.

ReaderFuji X-T10, XF 56, f8,0, 1/140s., ISO 200, EV +0,7

My shadow

Low morning sun light illuminated the park’s famous colonnade and my dark side rushed over the bricks…


Fuji X-T10, XF 56, f11,0, 1/60s., ISO 500

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