After long years of admiration I finally made it to the city of Dessau and it’s BAUHAUS Museum and Master Houses. Simple formalism and minimalism of 90 years old design is still a perfect inspiration for black and white photography. So cool.

Bauhaus Museum, main building, DessauBauhaus1Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8, 1/900sec., ISO 200

Walter Gropius’ glass front wallBauhaus2Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, f8, 1/550sec., ISO 200

Lines, lights and shadows at Master HouseBauhaus6Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8, 1/400sec., ISO 200

Breuer’s B3 chairs “Wassily”Bauhaus4 Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, F8, 1/60sec., ISO 1600, AE+1

Top floor in sunlightBauhaus3Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f11, 1/240sec., ISO 400

Studio Building of 1926Bauhaus5Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8, 1/220sec., ISO 200