As a busy working dad it is hard to find time to concentrate on regular sessions of photography… So I defined myself such “1 hour sessions” based on a simple committment: You have 60 minutes, make the best of it. Other follow the guidelines of 365, each day a photo or 52, each week a series but I am more than happy to have one hour here or there, especially when I am on business trips. The first session under these conditions I spent in Paris.

At the launderette LaverieFuji X-Pro1, 35 mm, F4, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400

Classic grand-mère grandmere Fuji X-Pro1, 35 mm, F4, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400

What’s the price – Market Hall Av MagentamarcheFuji X-Pro1, 56 mm, F2,8, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400

Where is your ticket – Gare de L’Est
gareFuji X-Pro1, 35 mm, F5,6, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400