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On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland, I upload some impressions of my 2008 trip. Can’t repeat often enough that any young German shall visit the two sites in Auschwitz and Birkenau to maybe get at least the spark of an idea what horror crimes had been commited here…

EntranceEingangBarbwire fences over kilometers GrenzanlageWatch the watchtower from the housing blocksWachturmIn the blocks In den BlöckenMarks of the Holocaust remain highly visibleAusstellung 1Clear to understand Ohne Worte Countless piles of individually named luggage…Koffer der Deportierten...…and shoes of victims....und Berge von Schuhen.In a “living room”LagerstubeApproaching BirkenauBahnzufahrt nach Birkenau“Beds” in the barracksBarackenpritschenMore barbed wire fencesosw_14View to no returnAusblick ohne AuswegNever forget!Niemals vergessen!