Arnhem Station

On my way back home to Berlin I had the chance to spend an hour of Fuji photography with the fascinating architecture of Arnehm’s main train station. People were just rushing in and out but for me totally new, there was a lot to see for nice new black and white motifs. Also the sunny sky helped out to play with grey scales and shadows.

The roof construction overheadroof

The stairs outsidestairs

This kid was totally addicted to his phone…kid

Another view on the roof construction. People just pass along…  walkAll photos with Fuji X-T10 and XF 10-24 at various apertures.

1 hour in the morning

It’s golden autumn time, the sky is mostly blue and the sun is low during morning hours. Perfect for a stroll around anywhere to find shadows and peak light, people and interesting structures appearing in black and white. These results happened by chance as I was on the way to work but took wrong direction and time plan. So I won an hour in the middle of Berlin called Kleist-Park and I had my Fuji set ready.

Tai Chi me, I am a tree

She was doing her morning exercise. Absolutely silent, deeply far away. She must have felt fusioned with nature and the sun.

Tai ChiFuji X-T10, XF 56, f2,0, 1/640s., ISO 200, EV +0,7

The Reader

This guys read the news for quite a while but did not move. Then surprised me with a long deep sip from the formerly invisible vodka bottle that stood aside of him. A wall-shaking burp complete the moment.

ReaderFuji X-T10, XF 56, f8,0, 1/140s., ISO 200, EV +0,7

My shadow

Low morning sun light illuminated the park’s famous colonnade and my dark side rushed over the bricks…


Fuji X-T10, XF 56, f11,0, 1/60s., ISO 500

Lost Place Field Station

I had another hour for a street-style shooting walking around Field Station Berlin, a lost place where Allied Institutions listened to radio traffic behind and across the Iron Curtain from the late 1950s to early 1990s. Today it’s charme comes obviously from the spacy morbid vintage look of the ruins… Take a guided tour, once you are in Berlin. It’s really cool.

Radar me… bzz… bzzz… roofRoof top round view. Canon EOS 1200D, Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye, F11, 1/250s, ISO 100

Ghostly radio towertowerFuji X-T10, XF 14, f8, 1/140s, ISO 200

Slippery stairs… into the Gorge of SomethingslipstairsTaken by hand shot at slow exposure to let the imagination slip down. Fuji X-T10, XF 14, f5,6, 1/5s, ISO 1600

Caught in the netinsideA look inside the sphere radar station roof. Canon EOS 1200D, Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye, f11, 1/45s, ISO 160

1 hour in Stuttgart

Recently at a sunny afternoon I had the chance to take the camera around the area of Stuttgart Munster, next to River Neckar and a recreation area at Max-Eyth-See. People were  pretty relaxed and intensive sunlight provided lots of bright and dark spots to draw black and white on the Fuji’s sensor. Great chance for some street photography.

Neckar bridgeDSCF2102_2Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, f7,1, 1/1.000s, ISO400

Abhängerleabhängerle Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f5,6, 1/500s, ISO200

RefreshDSCF2096_2Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, f8, 1/1.500s, ISO800


After long years of admiration I finally made it to the city of Dessau and it’s BAUHAUS Museum and Master Houses. Simple formalism and minimalism of 90 years old design is still a perfect inspiration for black and white photography. So cool.

Bauhaus Museum, main building, DessauBauhaus1Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8, 1/900sec., ISO 200

Walter Gropius’ glass front wallBauhaus2Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, f8, 1/550sec., ISO 200

Lines, lights and shadows at Master HouseBauhaus6Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8, 1/400sec., ISO 200

Breuer’s B3 chairs “Wassily”Bauhaus4 Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, F8, 1/60sec., ISO 1600, AE+1

Top floor in sunlightBauhaus3Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f11, 1/240sec., ISO 400

Studio Building of 1926Bauhaus5Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8, 1/220sec., ISO 200


After a walk in Camden Town the day before, I used the chance to spend some additional time in London’s touristic area, starting from the London Eye eastward to St. Paul’s cathedral.

Under the EyeLondon_i2Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f5,6, 1/2500 sec, ISO 200

Lovers on Millenium Bridge
Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35, f2,0, 1/2000sec, ISO 200

Skyline with The Shard buildingskylineFuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f8,0, 1/240 sec, ISO 200

The Eye along the skyLondon_i1Fuji X-Pro1, XF 35mm, f5,6, 1/750sec., ISO 200

In the Tate’s halltate2Fuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, f5,6, 1/60sec., ISO 2.500

Picadilly station rushPicadillyTubeFuji X-Pro1, XF 14mm, F5,6, 1/15sec., ISO 800


After almost eleven years of absence I had the chance to pay a quick visit to Camden Town. Crazy changes have been driven across this formerly cool trashy quarter in London. Anyway, there are still many options for some good shots in the streets.

Having a beard is mandatory these days, regardless if you are the cook or the consumerbarbudosFuji X-Pro 1, 56mm, f2,8, 1/60 sec., ISO 200

A hat is somewhat still pretty englishbridgeFuji X-Pro 1, 56mm, f2,8, 1/250 sec., ISO 200

Have a beercoupleFuji X-Pro 1, 56mm, f5,6, 1/125 sec., ISO 200

Mind the… door!doorFuji X-Pro 1, 35mm, f2,0, 1/125 sec., ISO 400

Great oneoldoneFuji X-Pro 1, 56mm, f2,8, 1/60 sec., ISO 400


As a busy working dad it is hard to find time to concentrate on regular sessions of photography… So I defined myself such “1 hour sessions” based on a simple committment: You have 60 minutes, make the best of it. Other follow the guidelines of 365, each day a photo or 52, each week a series but I am more than happy to have one hour here or there, especially when I am on business trips. The first session under these conditions I spent in Paris.

At the launderette LaverieFuji X-Pro1, 35 mm, F4, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400

Classic grand-mère grandmere Fuji X-Pro1, 35 mm, F4, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400

What’s the price – Market Hall Av MagentamarcheFuji X-Pro1, 56 mm, F2,8, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400

Where is your ticket – Gare de L’Est
gareFuji X-Pro1, 35 mm, F5,6, 1/125 Sek., ISO 400